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This group is looking to acquire the finest quality raw Western red cedar...

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Natural Health Group, Inc. Canada
Natural Health Group, Inc. Canada
Industry: Food & Beverage
We make protein drinks taste GREAT! And we do it without smothering them in sugar or artificial ingredients making this a "check!" for consumer demands for healthier drinks!


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Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc.
Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc.
Industry: Technology
Crop Sense offers the best way to ensure crop quality. Plants have the ability to communicate their pain and we are plant whisperers. We detect all health issues (pests, diseases and deficiencies) before you can see their symptoms.



Ivan's Truffles
Industry: Food & Beverage
Premium quality chocolates and chocolate truffles, handcrafted in the Comox Valley. Ivan's Truffles uses only the finest quality chocolate, and organic, natural ingredients.
Snapfile, Inc.
Industry: Service
Discovered by a few guys who were fed up with the mystery and confusion of tax filing have smashed every possible ounce of guesswork to smithereens with their new tax filing mobile application - Snapfile®
Carmenia Farm
Industry: Agriculture
Climate change has reconfigured food sourcing such that producing locally is essential to food security. Greenhouses in northern climates need a way to store heat, and Comfy Greenhouse offers a safe and easy to use technology without any grid connection or fossil fuels.
Chimo Properties
Industry: Real Estate
Victoria’s real estate market is one year into a massive boom with no end in sight. We’re raising capital to enter the redevelopment market while the barriers to entry are still low. This is your chance to own a piece of that burning hot pie.
The WetCleaner Inc.
Industry: Service
The WetCleaner Inc.™ will be the ‘Starbucks™ of healthy dry cleaning’. We will revolutionize dry cleaning by acquiring Mom & Pop shops, and consolidating operations into the world’s largest non-toxic dry cleaner.
Natural Resources
Industry: Natural Resources
Canadian cedar producers have a competitive advantage. It is proposed to source the finest quality raw Western Red Cedar logs and custom mill them using state-of-the-art milling technology.
Industry: Agriculture
The expansion of the organic, locally grown produce industry in all areas in Canada has been exponential. The plan is to raise capital to build out several vertical integrations into an existing established agri-business.