Start-up Crowdfunding Exemption for Businesses

Do you have a great business that you know will be a success?

How can you convince people to trust in your vision and help you to achieve your goals?

You want to stand out from the crowd and be compelling enough to engage your investors. Your project could be anything: a book or film, a product or service… anything that you believe in and will work hard to turn into a success.

Your first task is to make people understand and relate to your vision by sharing it in a dynamic way that puts it ahead of competition.




You must create an interesting listing that gives a basic W5(who, what, where, when, and why… and also how) of your project. This will help to make your ideas come alive in the imaginations of the viewers, readers, and potential investors.


Who: Introduce yourself and your business, the people who will be working with you on the project, and any projects that you’ve successfully completed that are relevant.
Where: How did you get the inspiration for your project? Where did the ideas come from? Have you done similar projects in the past?
When: Outline a schedule for the implementation of your plan: this lets your investors know what to expect and shows your professionalism.
What: Explain your business in detail: use words, images, graphics to build enthusiasm in your potential investors.
Why: Tell your audience why you think this business fills a need and why it will be a success.
How: Include a budget and plan that shows the feasibility of achieving your business’s goals and using their investment wisely.


Use creative means to communicate your passion and commitment to the business: support the textual content with great images and entertaining professional videos. Remember to respect accessibility issues: use captions and translations if appropriate to your audience.



Equity-based crowdfunding provides the opportunity for investors to participate and be a part of your business.



Your business can be posted on, following the rules outlined. Transform your idea into reality through a successful campaign.


To engage and share with your investors directly is an empowering opportunity… a true pleasure

While some of your support will probably come from your network of contacts, community, family, and friends, there are many other ways of letting people know about your project. Make a marketing plan that includes lists of channels through which to spread the word. These could include blogs, media sources, online forums, and Facebook groups.

Use social media: share it on Facebook and tweet it through Twitter. Instagram and Pinterest may also be a good fit depending on the nature of your business.

Email to your contacts and ask them to share the news. With regard to traditional media, you may be able to research publications and garner some press coverage through concise and compelling articles or well crafted press-releases. Create shareable content: samples, video trailers, previews, graphics … and be available for interviews.

Another way to raise interest is to host an event. You may be able to collect on-site pledges, or collect contact information from potential investors.

A few words of caution:
• Don’t annoy people with generic e-blasts. Messages should be personal and friendly.
• Engage help in your venture: the more people involved, the better the chances of success.
• Keep your investors informed about your progress to maintain their interest and trust.