How It Works For Companies

1. Start A Campaign

Click the “Start a Campaign” button and complete the simple application. You will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted and the preparation for your campaign is underway.

2. Prepare Your Campaign

Follow and complete the campaign preparation steps by uploading all pertinent documents, logos, images, and video. We have support resources that can help you through each step of this process. Start building traction and generating awareness by sharing your campaign page and getting the word out before your campaign goes live.

3. Review Your Campaign

First impressions count… now is the time to review everything that you’ve uploaded and to make sure that you are ready to go live with your campaign. You have 90 days to raise at least your minimum goal, so be prepared!

4. Your Campaign Goes Live

Your campaign is live but it doesn’t stop there… Tell everyone you know about your campaign and encourage them to share your story with people they know. Be active on social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platforms you use. Remember, your campaign is only live for 90 days so get active and make sure you maintain your momentum. Communicate regular updates to your investors, potential investors, and followers so they can be with you every step along the way.

5. Your Campaign Closes

When your campaign ends and you have successfully reached your minimum goal, the funds you raised are transferred to your account. If your minimum goal is not reached by then, any funds raised will be returned to investors.

6. Stay Connected

Continue to stay engaged and connected with your investors. They are your brand fans, now and in the future.