How It Works For Investors

1. Check Out The Investments

Browse the site and find the investments that interest you the most.

2. Create A Free Account

It’s simple, easy, and quick! It gives you more access to detailed information on all investments.

3. Get Active

Company’s Campaigns are live for 90 days. During that time, you can research the companies and chat with management. You can interact socially and share your favourite deals on social media.

4. Invest…

Once you’ve decided to invest, simply click “Invest” on the company’s campaign page, follow the easy steps, and you’ll be ready to complete your investment.



5. Investment Status

When the company you’ve invested in is successful in raising at least their minimum goal upon the closing of their campaign, your investment will be confirmed and the company will receive its capital. However, if the company is not able to raise their minimum goal, your investment will be returned to you in full.

6. Stay Connected

Continue to stay engaged and connected with the companies that you’ve invested in.