MgO Cladding Corp.

MgO Cladding Corp.

MgO Cladding Corp is a technology company manufacturing green and sustainable building products from magnesium oxide cement boards. MgO is an Eligible Small Business under the Small Business Act and as such can provide tax credits to BC based investors.

Business Overview

Manufacturing green, healthy building materials from magnesium oxide cement boards in particular the MagO Cladding System. MagO Cladding is a commercial grade non combustible cladding or siding system with an integral capillary break forming a rain-screen. It has 4 sided ship-lap connections meaning much less caulking allowing for all weather installation and no visible fasteners thanks to the proprietary mounting clips.

Service or Product

MagO Cladding System includes standard sized panels nominally 2x4, 2x8 and 2x10 ft, each panel has either a top or bottom profile machined so that panels connect with a ship-lap joint. The edges also mate with an aluminum extruded base rail which can also be cut to create clips and to clips stamped from galvanized steel. The panels are cut from 4x8 and 4x10 x 15mm thick MgO boards made specifically for this use by certified factories in China. The clips and base rails are made in BC by Apex Extrusions and Hansen Industries. MgO also offers custom sized panels, fabricated corners, trim and engraving using CNC routers. The panels can be painted using silicate paints or paints formulated for alkaline substrates. They can also be coated with Imasco acrylic top coats directly to the boards, powder coating by Cadillac or by using plant based urethane from Castagra.

Target Market

Construction industry, Architects, Engineers, Testing and Certification Agencies, Building material re-sellers, contractors.

Revenue Model

MgO Cladding is a manufacturing company, we sell business to business in most cases with discounts based on order size and the distribution channel. MgO earns a 50% gross profit at the wholesale price level.


MagO Cladding is one of a very few durable building materials made from minerals necessary for the health of people, plants and animals. It is a natural product created from a reaction between magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride or sulfate. The other ingredients are wood flour, perlite and glass fiber mesh and a small amount of modifier. MgO boards have been shown to absorb CO2 from the air making it a potentially negative green house gas material. In addition MagO panels are very resistant to damage from fire, water, insects, mould and impact, they are better at reducing sound transmission, are easy to work with standard tools and are very affordably priced with good margins. MgO Cladding is focused on being a good corporate citizen, following community first, triple bottom line accounting and utilizing cooperative distribution models. Investors into MgO would also be able to resell MgO products and become part of our distribution system and potentially become more involved with the development of our Company.


Early stage investors and founders receive a warrant for each share purchased permitting additional shares to be purchased at the same price for a limited time of 12 months from the subscription date.


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