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Sweep N Sing Inc


Sweep N Sing Inc was Federally Incorporated in February 2016. Initial shareholders helped bring Sweep N Sing from a concept on paper to a prototype in hand. Trent Washburn (that's me) is the founder, creator and has taken up the challenge to run the business, with some help along the way. Currently Sweep N Sing has no paid employees only shareholders. The primary goal is creating an eCommerce based business with a fully automated inventory management and fulfillment system.


Sweep N Sing Inc. was born a few months after my daughter walked into the living room with a broom in hand and music as the stage. She started singing into the handle and moved around the room with the broom in tow. This is where the idea to add a mic for a handle and a speaker at the base came to mind. Equipped with the added features to wireless stream music to the toy and soon to record music and singing, we could have 2017 Toy of the Year on our hands. From the day my daughter walked into the living room, I have been pursuing a way to best share the Sweep N Sing experience. What a dad will do for his daughter.


Funds raised will be used to secure intellectual protection, brand awareness, and complete a manufacturer ready prototype(s). With this prototype, safety standards can be verified and Sweep N Sing can then position itself to take on one of the following steps. 1) Activity approach big box stores for sales orders. 2) Raise additional funds, and take Sweep N Sing to market via multiple online sale channels. 3) A combination of 1 & 2. Revenue produced from a sales order can be use to produce inventory for online sales. OR successful online sales track record could lead to larger sales orders.


Recent sample market research show the toy is loved by children as young as 1.5 years old to 10 years old, which is approx. 43 million in Canada and USA alone. Any child who has a knack for "Monkey See Monkey do" and/or likes singing will have fun. The target market is amplified with the fact Sweep N Sing is two functional toys in one.


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